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Working with people who are well known, or public figures can be tricky. Their image and presence are vitally important to everything they do. This is not just how they look, but how they behave, communicate and everything they do online.

If some of the recent things we have seen in the news have taught us anything, it has shown that even something you said or did 10 or 20 years ago can come back to haunt you and have a long term affect and damage on your image.

  1. Help them clean up their digital footprint

One of the first things that people will often do with someone who is in the public eye is to search them out online. This will not only bring up interviews both print and television but will also bring up any social media profiles they have. It is incredibly important that they know what their digital footprint is saying to others. Not only their present footprint, but their past as well. An old tweet, an old post, or outdated information can create a huge problem. Some people choose to delete all their old posts altogether, while others may want to pick and choose. Help them make the best decision on what they should and shouldn’t do based on the image they wish to project to others.

There are some greats programs and browser extensions that can make the clean up easy. Or they may wish to rid themselves of social media all together which is becoming a more popular option for celebrities and people whose public perception is more important than the ability to post funny memes.

  1. Find out what they want to be known for and work towards it

What word do they want to be known for? A Politician may want to be known for being trustworthy or believable. Someone who writes diet and fitness books may want to be known for being credible. Each and every person will have something they want to be known for and it is your job to help them find that word and then help them work towards it via their style, behavior, and communication.

  1. Help them to understand their behavior and how it affects them

Anyone who is in the public eye is often watched very closely and their behavior is overanalyzed. It will be important for you to help them understand how their body language and overall behavior will affect them. Everything from the way they stand, the way they hold their hands, what they do with their legs when they sit, how they smile, their handshake and so much more will all be something that becomes fodder for reporters, photographers and anyone they meet day to day. Showing them the best ways to behave while in any public setting with help them to avoid any faux pas situations.

  1. Help them to understand their communication style and how it affects them

Communication style will be another way in which they will often be judged. A politician will need to be a great orator and know how to get his or her points across with vigor and intellect. An actor or writer will need to know how to speak about their current projects with enthusiasm. Communication is not just about what is said, but how it is said. The tone of their voice, the pace in which they speak, the words they use and how and when they use them. It will be up to you to show them how all of these things affect their image and the best ways to control them.

  1. They may need specific tips for print, TV and podcast interviews

Media training is something that almost any public persona will need. The will likely need specific tips for how to handle specific things that might come up during interviews. When it comes to television, they will likely need tips on the right colors to wear to look best on camera, what makeup they should or should not use, how to accessorize and more.

  1. Help them to understand that who they associate with will also affect their image

A person’s inner circle and associates says a lot about them. Knowing how this affects their image is important and they need to understand that while it can be had to cut people out of their lives or move away from certain friendships or relationships, that anyone they associate with can affect their image. If they are in politics and someone they have close ties with is caught embezzling money, you better believe the media and public will likely think you have some involvement too even if you do not. It may be helpful to help them do a little inventory of their associates to ensure they are affiliated with only the best of the best.