Psychology of Color

When you are working with your local clients, you will likely be doing some shopping trips with clients once you have had a chance to access their personal style needs, the direction you have both discussed and decided to go in with their new image, and possibly even the closet edits you have done with them to remove old, outdated and ill-fitting clothing from their current wardrobe.

As an Image or Style Consultant, it will be important for you to make connections with local stores that will make styling your clients easier and more effective. The more money you can save your clients, the better value you can provide to them, the more you are able to help them add to their new image.

So how can you go about setting yourself up to best work with the stores in your area?

Start by putting a list together of all of the best stores in your area.

It might be best to break the list down into three parts for different types of clientele. You will have some clientele that can afford to spend more than others so it is a good idea to have go to stores for everyone’s budget.

When making your list keep this in mind and make sure your list includes higher end stores, but also stores that are going to be better for someone who is on a more limited budget. This could include outlet stores or consignment stores.

Once you have a good list together, now it is time to hit the road.

Head to the stores and ask to speak to the store manager. Make sure to get their name and if you can the names of any other managers who work at the store. Explain that you are an Image Consultant and Stylist and that you would like to be able to bring your clients into the store when working with them to shop. Ask if there is a way you can get details about upcoming sales, special promotions, or if there are any options for VIP shoppers. Ask if they have an app or newsletter or any kind of promotional emails you can sign up for. Ask if they know when the store does specific clearance on seasonal clothing.

Thank you notes

Once you have your list together send out some handwritten thank you cards to all of the managers who talked to you with your card. This is a great way to thank them for their time, remind them of your chat, and hopefully they will keep your card handy in case something comes to mind they think might be handy for you.

Stay in the know

In the meantime, sign up for the emails, the apps or whatever they have that will inform you of sales, coupons, exclusive deals, or any kind of store wide clearance times going on in the store.

Stay on their radar

When you do happen to shop in the stores, be sure to take the time to seek out the manager and give your thanks. You want them to remember your face, your name and soon enough you will be like an old friend whenever you walk in whether shopping with clients or for yourself. If a store manager happens to go out of their way to do something special to help you out be sure to send them a little thank you gift. A gift card for delicious Starbucks coffee or a yummy smelling soap or lotion are simple yet great ways to let them know you truly appreciate the extra time and special treatment they have provided when working with you.

These are just some of the ways you can make sure you work comfortably with the stores that will help you to style your clients to look their best.