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This documentary follows the short lived tenure of creative director Raf Simos as he took over at Christian Dior from April 2012 to October 2015 and the interesting combination he brought to the romantic Dior with his avant-garde but minimal style.

The world of haute couture is very secretive so this documentary is a rare treat. It will provide a sneak peek into the wardrobe of some of the fashion world’s most elite clientele, from fasions weeks to soirees to high tea.

Anyone who truly loves shoes love a good Manolo Blahnik. This documentary highlights the highs and lows of his career so far as well as his creative process and will have any die hard fan fascinated.

The Met Gala: one of fashions most iconic event’s. This documentary tracks the countdown leading up to the first Monday in May when the Metropolitan museum hosts the gala dinner, where the fashion world meets New York with ensembles that stun the world.

While many see January as the re-birth month, in the fashion circle everyone knows it is really September. The September issue of any magazine is deemed the most crucial to be perfect and the same is true of fashion bible Vogue. This documentary follows Anna Wintour pulling together one such issue while you get to watch the inner workings.

Fashion icon Iris Apfel was a 94-yea-old businesswoman and interior designer when this documentary was made and had been a supporter of fashion for many decades. Many say she is the original and true fashionista.

If you are an ethical fashion warrior this is a must see for you. This eye-opening documentary talks about the effects of fast fashion on the consumer as well as its damaging effect on the environment and the devastating repercussions on the communities it exploits.

In this beautiful documentary shot by her son, Francesco Carrozzini, Franca Sozzani who was the editor-in chief of Vogue Italia is celebrated. She was known for pushing boundaries and using her editorials to highlight important social issues.