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Personal Branding is something that every business and every successful entrepreneur should be concerned with. The process of establishing your public persona for your target audience involves carefully and accurately communicating your values, beliefs, goals, and purpose.

This is how you are going to attract your core audience and how you are going to grow your business, bring in new clientele and keep your previous clientele coming back for more and most of all it is going to be what people come to know you for, what they can expect from you and how they will envision what you do.

There are a lot of amazing tools and tricks out there to keep your Personal Brand on target and in motion and we want to make sure you know what they are.

Google Alerts

Getting alerts whenever your name, business name or brand is mentioned online is a huge win. This allows you to see what is being said, stay on top of it and even comment on it, share it and promote it without having to spend hours a day online scouring the internet for mentions.


If you have never heard of or thought about Quora, you could really be missing out. Quora is a Question/Answer site that allows you to provide well-written, long-form content. The real benefit here is truly that people who are asking questions about the topic or industry you’re looking to become an expert in. This is your chance to provide amazing answers and get even more brand recognition.


This tool is one I think is essential and allows you to create beautiful imagery and content that is the perfect size for whatever platform you are using. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or whatever platform you are on will shine with your content and Canva will make it so simple and easy.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups have come a long way from simple mom groups and couponing (not that we don’t all love those too). This gives you a chance to do live Q&A sessions, presentations, and reach your audience on a more personal level which is so much of what Personal Branding is all about. People want to connect with the person and not just the business.


The BrandYourself  tool lets you track the movement of your search results. You will be notified anytime things change. It will also give you tons of tips on how to be SEO-friendly as well as how you can get better results over time. And the best part…the free DIY tool lets you track three online profiles!


People love a good webinar full of helpful information on a subject they are interested in. This is an awesome way to show your audience your personal side, let them see you providing value and connect with them on a whole new level.

Social Media Alerts

It is important while tracking your brand that you stay on top of what is being said, comments and mentions on all channels. There are setting in every social media account that allow you to receive alerts whenever someone mentions you, comments on your post, tags you, ect. Make sure you use these wisely and as a chance to respond and stay connected.


A great way to continue to build your personal brand is to offer one-on-one consulting sessions and Skype makes this easy to do. Have a direct conversation with your follower or audience member giving them positive feedback, valuable information and your one-on-one attention and you might just end up with a lifelong client or customer.

There are so many ways to build a brand, attract more of your target audience and allow more of your followers to engage. We hope some of these tips are helpful in helping you with your goals.