Personal Styling & Image Consulting Starter Kit
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Personal Styling STarter Kit

Help people look and feel their very best

You could start a career as an image consultant in less than 30 days doing what comes naturally to you. This 60-page comprehensive Personal Styling & Image Consulting Starter Kit is for you if:

  • Your friends always come to you for style advice prior to a big event
  • You constantly receive text photos from friends in dressing rooms wanting your style opinion 
  • Accessorizing and putting outfits together comes naturally to you
  • You're tired of feeling unfulfilled in your 9 to 5 and seeking a way to tie in your love for style & fashion
  • You want more flexibility with your schedule and would love to be your own boss

“The content far exceeded my expectations. The transparency and sincerity in which the valuable content is shared makes it somehow seem personal."

Sharon Fitzgerald, Studio Member

Aseel Farris

“I loved how organized it is. It covers all the foundation of this field and sets you on the right track.”

Aseel Faris, Studio Member