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How to Network Effectively as an Image Consultant

Too many people see networking as some sort of challenge. How many business cards can I gather at this event? How many of my own can I hand out? How many new names can I add to my list of growing acquaintances? Often people see it as a boring, yet necessary part of their business. Shake a hand here, smile and nod there, appear at the best events, be seen by the best people. The truth is that if you truly want to get something out of networking, it comes down to two things; having the [...]

Our 13 Favorite Instagramers to Follow

Instagram is one of the best places to go to follow people who inspire you, influence you, elevate you and bring ideas to mind for how to better yourself, your business and your brand. Instagram can be more than just scrolling through pictures of meals, your friends latest escapades and celebrity accounts. While those things are certainly fun, why not follow some accounts that can actually give you a little something in return? We wanted to point out some of the Instagram accounts that we follow that give us daily inspiration and ideas. Here [...]

Inside an Image Consultants Kit

As an Image or Style Consultant, you will often be on the go with your clients. You may be out for a whirlwind shopping spree on the hunt for the new look. You may be asked to shadow them at a photo shoot so they can look their best in those new headshots or professional portraits. You may be helping them get fitted for custom clothing or helping them assess which suit or pant style will work with their body shape and size. No matter what you are doing with your clients or where you are [...]

The 11 Best Podcasts to Listen to

Staying on top of the latest trends, topics, and people in your line of business is incredibly important no matter what you do. As an Image or Style Consultant, we are many things. We are fashionistas, we are entrepreneurs and we are speakers just to name a few. One of the main ways to stay in the game is to continue learning as you go. Learning from others who are tops in their fields is a great place to start and that is why we love podcasts. Listen in the car, while you workout, at night [...]

The Video Tool Box: What to buy if you’d like to record videos for your clients

Have you been considering recording videos for your clients to show them things that are just too hard to explain in words? Maybe you want to add a few videos to your blog or you want to put together a video presentation for a workshop or group discussion. Have you avoided it because it just seems too complicated? Or maybe you have tried it only to end up with a video that looked poor in quality and did not represent you in the way you wanted. You do not have to be a professional nor have [...]

The 6 newest image consulting books on our bookshelf

Staying at the top of your game in any industry or profession is always about continued education and learning. One can never know everything and the more you learn, the more you know, the more value you can give to your clients and add to your services. We think reading is one way you can continue to learn from experts in the field of everything from Image, Style, First Impressions, Fashion and more. Here are the six newest books we have on our bookshelf right now and what you can learn from them. First Impressions: [...]

How to work with stores as an image consultant

When you are working with your local clients, you will likely be doing some shopping trips with clients once you have had a chance to access their personal style needs, the direction you have both discussed and decided to go in with their new image, and possibly even the closet edits you have done with them to remove old, outdated and ill-fitting clothing from their current wardrobe. As an Image or Style Consultant, it will be important for you to make connections with local stores that will make styling your clients easier and more effective. The [...]

10 Differences between working with male and female clients

When working with clients many of their challenges can be generalized, however, every single client Is going to be different and no client Is going to fit neatly into a little box. When it comes to male and female clients, they are going to have some similarities in their needs and commonalities, but as a great image consultant it will be your job to be able to sort out the many differences and challenges each face when it comes to their gender roles. You may wonder what some of the major differences are between working with [...]

How to charge for Image Consulting

Charging for Image Consulting can vary from place to place and consultant to consultant. I am often asked by new Image Consultant how to go about deciding how to charge for services when you first start out. Often, they are afraid of charging too much and scaring new clients away, but at the same time they do not want charge too little and end up not making enough to make it worth their while. This is a very understandable concern when you are first starting out in the world of consulting and something you should carefully [...]

5 Mobile apps that will help your clients save money while shopping

There are many different shopping apps that help you save money when shopping online.  Everyone can use a little leg up when it comes to saving a little cash, especially when you are working towards investing in your wardrobe and yourself. We do not endorse any of these apps and there are many competitors out there that offer similar options, but these are the ones that we have used in the past that have helped us save big! Shop Style Shopstyle is a shopping search engine that compiles products from hundreds of brands into one [...]

5 Reasons why being an Image Consultant is the best job ever

Dream careers are not easy to come by. Some take years and years of expensive schooling. Others could require decades of rejection and let down before you ever land that big role. Some feel so out of reach you feel like quitting before you even get started. Some don't pay enough to live off of. Some don't have enough jobs to go around. Then there are those that come along that combine the love and passion you have for something you may have never considered to be a career. Something you are already good at, enjoy, [...]

10 Tips for Dealing with Introvert Clients

Don’t let assumptions get in your way. An introvert client may not immediately respond during coaching sessions and it does not mean they are incapable or incompetent. Introverts will need time to put their thoughts together. Introverts will often need more time to express themselves and their feelings. Don’t expect answers immediately.  Do not be surprised if during a coaching session, your client does not have immediate answers to your questions. You will have to be extra patient. Listen carefully and allow them extra time to work out their thoughts. If you give [...]

7 ways to sell your client’s used clothing

As you help your clients become their new selves, this will often come with a closet edit and a big clean out. They may be getting rid of just a few things or a whole lot of things. Either way, they could end up with some items that may not work for their image, but could be perfectly good pieces for someone else. Selling items instead of donating them could give your clients some quick cash to help them fund their new wardrobe purchases and allow them to splurge a little on those quality pieces they want to [...]

The Top 8 Must See Fashion Documentaries

DIOR & I This documentary follows the short lived tenure of creative director Raf Simos as he took over at Christian Dior from April 2012 to October 2015 and the interesting combination he brought to the romantic Dior with his avant-garde but minimal style. The Secret World Of Haute Couture The world of haute couture is very secretive so this documentary is a rare treat. It will provide a sneak peek into the wardrobe of some of the fashion world’s most elite clientele, from fasions weeks to soirees to high tea. Manolo, [...]

10 ways to get strong referrals

Try asking for introductions instead of using the term “referrals” Referral can often be a scary word for some people as it conjures up the image of high pressure car salesmen or you calling and bugging their friends and family at all hours of the day. Instead of asking them for a referral, try using the term “introduction” which can sound more friendly and less frightening. Don’t be afraid to ask Have you ever heard the saying, if you don’t ask the answer will always be no? It is true that when you [...]

5 Challenges working with petite clients

We often hear about the challenges of plus size women, but rarely do the very petite women get lumped into that mix. While you may think being petite is a good thing (and it very much can be), it can also be very challenging when it comes to finding clothing that fits well and doesn’t make you look like you just shopped the juniors section. In fact, many petite women I have talked to over the years have had to do just that. It is frustrating for women who are very short or have a very [...]

The 10 best stores to shop for Plus-Size Clients

Often, as a plus size women, it can be quite difficult to find clothing that is not only stylish and flattering for our bodies, but also high-quality items that stand the test of time and the washer (or dry cleaner). It doesn’t help that most stores do not cater to the plus size figure leaving women to feel overlooked when it comes to being able to feel empowered by the clothes they wear. Each and every one us, no matter shape, height, figure or size want to feel beautiful in what we wear. We want [...]

Choosing the best swimsuits based on your client’s body types

Swimsuit season typically brings about a wave of dieting, anxiety, exercising, and of course, searching for that bathing suit that hugs and loosens in all the right places. The search for the holy grail of bathing suits can be less stressful for your clients once you help them identify their body type and learn what styles look best with their specific shape. Each body is different, but the most important thing in bathing suit shopping is balance. Different styles, patterns, and colors can help every body type achieve the perfect balance that will have your clients looking their [...]

Six fabric suggestions to help your clients stay cool in the summer heat

It’s summertime again and that means picnics, beach days, barbecues and lots of other fun outdoor activities. The heat and humidity of summer can make going outside more of a chore than a breath of fresh air. Luckily, with these fabrics you can help keep your clients cool and let their skin breathe as they brave the 90 degree weather. Eyelet- Eyelet is an obvious choice for summer because of the many holes and lightweight material. This fun, flirty fabric has a feminine flair to it that looks great worn casually or dressed up. [...]

A how-to guide for helping your clients learn to accept compliments

Once you work with your client on their image, especially their wardrobe and how they look, they may not be fully prepared for the number of compliments they will start receiving. It’s part of your job as an image consultant to ensure they not only look great but feel great receiving the attention they are sure to get. A confident image is not just their look, but helping your client receive compliments with confidence as well. Receiving compliments may be a sensitive subject for clients, prior to their new look and even after they up-level their wardrobe. [...]

How to help your clients switch hair stylists without burning bridges

You’ve worked with your client on their image, new wardrobe, new accessories, and you’ve shown them how to up-level their makeup and hair. But there’s one problem… their current hair stylist isn’t the right fit for the new look you’re suggesting. If your client has been with their hair stylist for a long time, suggesting they move on to someone new may cause some anxiety as they don’t want to hurt their stylist’s feelings. We’ve got some guidance on how to best coach your client through the transition. Tell them to Communicate You’ve worked [...]

Psychology of Color

Colors can speak a thousand words. It is important to consider the messages different hues send and help your clients learn how to balance those with the image or feeling they wish to project. Helping your clients learn to use color to their advantage in business meetings, interviews, networking events or even meetings with your children can make a big difference. Once they have color on their side, there is no stopping them. Why wouldn’t you want to give them every leg up they can get? Let’s start with the basics. Black [...]

Five shopping tips for working with a budget conscious client

One of your main jobs as a personal stylist or image consultant is to help your client allocate their resources wisely to the best items that work for their style and body. While some clients will have large budgets in the thousands of dollars to work with, other may only have $200-$300 to shop and this can easily be worked with If you know what you are doing. We have some tips for those more frugal clients so you can help them look their best and have great style without breaking their bank account! 1. [...]

From Free to Fee: How to become a paid speaker within the image consulting industry

WE WERE LIVE AND UNFORTUNATELY, YOU MISSED IT But no worries here is a recording for you. 60 minutes filled with practical advice from choosing the right speaking business model to determining what your speaking fee could be. Are you thinking about adding speaking services to your image consulting business? This 60-minute value-packed live stream will help answer some of your most important questions related to entering the speaking industry and starting your speaking career as an image consultant or personal stylist. Questions asked include: - How can speaking help your reputation and branding on the [...]

From Image Consulting Training Questions to AICI Certification

WE WERE LIVE AND UNFORTUNATELY YOU MISSED IT But no worries here is a recording for you. 90 minutes filled with practical advice from choosing the right image consulting training provider to deciding if an AICI certification is the right fit for you. Are you thinking about starting a business as an image consultant or personal stylist? This 90-minute value-packed live stream will help answer some of your most important questions related to entering the image consulting industry and starting your business as an image consultant or personal stylist. Questions asked include:- What is [...]