Psychology of Color

Personal branding is a lot of things. It is important not only to companies, businesses and brands, but also to individuals and professionals. However, over the years there have been many myths about personal branding. We want to take about some of those and dispel a few of those myths and set the record straight!

Here are 5 things that personal branding are NOT.

It’s a ME Show

Many people will tell you that personal branding is nothing more than narcissism or self-publicity at it’s worse. This could not be farther from the truth. What your brand truly comes down to is what others feel and think about you. While you can spend all day telling everyone you are this or that, if all your colleagues and co-workers would say you are the exact opposite you are not owning

your own brand. You must validate your brand with others have to say about you and how you make them think and feel. It is not all about YOU.

A fad that will soon go away

10 years ago, many felt that personal branding was a fad that would soon fade away into the sunset. (I bet these were some of the same people that said the internet would never last!). However, personal branding has not only continued to grow, it has exploded! Companies, individuals, businesses, professionals, politicians, and almost anyone and everyone has taken into consideration the importance of their own brand. It is not going anywhere anytime soon so get on board!

An opportunity to brag about yourself

There is a huge difference between bragging about yourself and positioning yourself. Bragging is boastful and often comes off as ego filled and awkward. Would you consider someone pointing out their accomplishments on their resume bragging? Of course not! They are simply showing a possible employer why they might be a good fit for a position with their company. The same goes for personal branding. You are simply communicating your value to others.

A personal brand if different from a professional brand

It is true that we may act different in a personal setting than we would in a professional setting, our personal brand and professional brand should still thread together quite nicely. It is about what people can come to expect from us. It comes down to the core of who and what you are. There should be little difference in this between your personal and professional brand so all in all they should be one in the same.

Social media branding is just for those who “higher-up”

When people think of social media branding they think of senior level executives, CEO’s, Founders and people who are the higher-ups in companies. However, what we forget is that is that our first impressions are built online rather than in person and building a digital footprint that speaks to our personal brand is important. It is likely before you meet for that in person interview that all of your social media profiles have been scoped out and what they find there could be a deciding factor in whether or not your are dead in the water before you even walk in the door.