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Apps have become a way of life. We use them for banking and finances, social media and connecting with friends, diet and exercise tracking and everything in between.

So, when I found out there were apps that could help me choose my clothes or put together a stylish outfit I was intrigued.

How would they work?

Would it be as good as having my own stylist?

How would it know what kind of style works for me?

The questions kept coming so I thought I would try out a few. Here is what happened when I get an app to pick out my outfits for a week.

I decided to try out 4 different styling apps. Each claimed to be able to help me select a great outfit for almost any occasion.

I would use each one for a full week and see where I landed.

ClosetSpace claims they will give you fashion inspiration, a virtual closet, and an outfit planner all for free.

What I did like about ClosetSpace is that I could use it on my phone, but I also had the option to use it on my computer too.

This app allowed me to upload all of the clothes in my closet. This took some time to do, but also gave me the perfect opportunity to organize my closet.

Once I had everything uploaded, you have a few options. You can create your own daily outfits, but the app will also give you some daily outfit suggestions based on the weather in your area. One of the bonuses I found was that it has a tracker that makes sure you do not end up repeating your outfits too often which makes you feel like you never wear the same thing twice.

All in all, there were things I liked about the app, but it was nothing like having someone style you. For the most part, I was still choosing my own clothes, but it was fun to be able to put together different outfits on my phone without having to spend hours in front of the mirror trying different combinations.

While this app is not free, you can get it for the cost of a pricey cup of coffee so I figured it was not a bad investment. StyleBook also works with the clothes in your closet and allows you to get more out of what you own.

Much like ClosetSpace you will be putting together your own outfits and trying different pairing with the items you own.

One difference I found interesting in the app is the “travel list” option. If you happen to travel, you can plan out your outfits for your trip and the app will then generate a packing list for you so you can make sure you take everything you need.

I am not sure if I would say this was worth the cost of the app itself, but I did find it easy to use and fun to play around with the different outfit combinations.

I think of the 4 I tried I liked this one best. It was very similar in that you upload your clothing to the app to create outfits, but I felt like all of the options it gave you for free were pretty neat. Not only can you create outfits on your own, but there are also ways to create random outfits based on rules you set within the app.

The app will also get to know your favorite colors, brands, and looks and makes shopping for new items in those categories easier. You can plan out your outfits in your calendar and also make outfit plans for your next trip or vacation.

This app was a little different from the other three I tried as it had nothing to do with what is in your current closet. Instead, it provides you outfit suggestions which you can edit to fit your own current style. It will show you trends and up to date styles and if you do happen to find something you cannot live without, you will get a link to purchase it.

At the end of the week, while I found some of the apps fun to play around with, they, in my opinion, pale in comparison to having an actual stylist or image consultant to work with. The apps depend on you already having a sense of what you should be wearing or what you might look best in. If you are already in that arena, then great, but for those who feel like they need more guidance, I don’t think an app is going to provide what you need. However, if you just have an overloaded closet and can never decide what to wear, then you may find this to be the perfect way to plan a weeks’ worth of outfit quickly.