Image consulting is a natural fit for human resources professionals. Several of our students come from a corporate human resources background. They add image consulting as a way to go into business for themselves or to make them more appealing to promotions within their current corporations.  Much of what Human Resources Professionals already do is gauge every image that comes into their office looking for work. They use their eye for fashion, style, communication and behavior to make decisions about who would make the best fit for the position they are hiring for and the company they work for. In a way, they are Image Consultants in the making without even knowing it.

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Why is it such a great combination of skillsets?

You can add a more robust perspective and coaching to interview skills. Work with clients on body language, their appearance, and advanced communication skills with public perception and image strategies. You will not only have the certification in image consulting, but the experience in HR to back up your credentials with clients.

You can speak to why employees get hired or promoted, but now you can actually show them the image strategies in which to do it. Learn and put to work the statistics about image and how they affect job performance. For example, women who wear makeup are seen as more credible and knowledgeable than bare-faced women.

You can increase the ROI for the company you work for. Not only are you more appealing with a more robust education by including image consulting as a certification, but your boss will love the fact that you know how image can boost their bottom line. Working with employees on their image can increase customer service positive reviews, increase sales, and provide maximum exposure for the business.  You can be the reason your company has the top talent to back up whatever it is they are trying to present.

You can use this new skill set within your current job or learn how to take your HR background and education and venture out on your own with this new well-rounded area of expertise. Perhaps you want to become a career coach or an interview coach? Or help women who have taken a job hiatus get back to work? Or work with people in transition or C-suite executives to get promotions. There are numerous opportunities available in the world to work for yourself and with your ideal target audience.

If you are currently in Human Resources, you can add the Image Consultant skill set to your already stellar experience without a lengthy and expensive college degree.

What is image consulting?

Image Consulting is the ability to help people cultivate a professional or updated appearance. They often work with businesses and/or individual clients to make changes to their looks, communication skills and behavior to accelerate their career, personal and professional goals. Imagine being able to take your current HR career to the next level by adding these skills or being able to branch out into your own business helping others get hired at top level firms and corporations.   Whether you want to gain more respect, a promotion or add more skills that will get you noticed in your current field or you are ready to take the journey to be your own boss with a career in Image Consulting, there are options or you to do so.


How can you add image consulting to your current profile?

At The Studio for Image Professionals you can learn from two of the industry’s top professionals and get the most modern, up to date, and relevant curriculum while getting certified as an image consultant. There are four incredible courses offered that will give you the technical training while helping you start and build a strong business foundation. If you truly want to learn from the best and achieve your dreams, start now by visiting us at and learn about us, our courses and how we want you to succeed!