Psychology of Color

As an Image or Style Consultant, you will often be on the go with your clients. You may be out for a whirlwind shopping spree on the hunt for the new look.

You may be asked to shadow them at a photo shoot so they can look their best in those new headshots or professional portraits. You may be helping them get fitted for custom clothing or helping them assess which suit or pant style will work with their body shape and size.

No matter what you are doing with your clients or where you are going, being prepared is one of the hallmarks of a great consultant.

Our top Image and Style Consultants shared what they always carry with them to make sure they can handle any situation that might arise.

Here is what you can gather to create your own Image Consultant Kit:

Measuring Tape

This is a must! You never know when you might need to take a quick measurement.

Fashion Tape

Perfect to fix those little issues like button bulge, a neckline slipping out of place and much more.

Hem Clips

Perfect for hemming items without sticking yourself with pins.

Deodorant remover pad

Accidentally end up with deodorant on that black dress? No worries, these will help you remove it in a snap.

Heel/shoe pads

We girls do love our heels, but sometimes they do not love us back and we just need a little extra cushion to get through the long day.

Friction Block

Blisters got you down? This will become your best friend so you can still rock the cute shoes.

Oil blotting paper

These are truly a miracle for those of us who tend to get a little oily and shiny. Blot, blot, blot it away.

Lint rollers

Every household, purse, and kit should have one of these! Go away fuzzies.

Shout wipes

There is nothing worse than realizing your morning coffee made it on your shirt and not into your system. These wipes can rescue that situation from becoming a disaster.

Static Guard

In the winter months, the dry air can make things stick to other things and cause a shock in more ways than one. Stop the stick in it’s tracks.

Sewing Kit

Your little emergency kit that has everything!

Nipple patches/covers

For those embarrassing moments when something decides to pop up, they got you covered.

Wrinkle release spray

Show up and realize your favorite outfit is a wrinkled mess? This will not only save the day, but smells great and much easier than lugging around a hot iron, right?

Makeup removers

Smoky eye get a little too smoky? Get a little out of hand with the blush? Easy to use, carry and quick to remove those little makeup mistakes.

Hair ties

Safety Pins and pins



Trash bag