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Dream careers are not easy to come by. Some take years and years of expensive schooling. Others could require decades of rejection and let down before you ever land that big role. Some feel so out of reach you feel like quitting before you even get started. Some don’t pay enough to live off of. Some don’t have enough jobs to go around. Then there are those that come along that combine the love and passion you have for something you may have never considered to be a career. Something you are already good at, enjoy, and maybe already do, but never even considered that you could turn it into a thriving business that could make money and help others. You want to talk about dream careers?

Here are 5 reasons we think being an Image Consultant is the best job ever.

You get to help others become a better version of themselves

One of the best parts of being an Image Consultant is the pride you will feel in helping others. When you have given someone a whole new look it comes with a new feeling of confidence in themselves that they take out into the world and into everything they do. This often leads them into a new career, a new position, a new relationship, a new business, and many new opportunities. You get the chance to watch someone grow from a seed that you were able to plant within them and the excitement that comes with that is something that few other careers offer.

You get to take your love of fashion to the next level

If you are someone who has always loved fashion, shopping, putting together outfits, helping others look amazing, makeup, hair and more, this gives you the ultimate chance to take that love and turn it into a career. Isn’t it everyone’s dream to do something for a living that involves something they truly enjoy? The truth is, that many people never get the chance, or never take the risks sometimes needed to live that dream. With a career in Image Consulting, you get to live that dream.

You get to be your own boss (entrepreneurship)

Being your own boss is something that most people dream of. No more 9-5, no more long commutes, no more long boring meetings, no more cubicles and no one breathing down your neck for that weekly report. Now you get to the set the pace, you get to call the shots and you get to be the engineer of this train. Entrepreneurship is exciting and the sky’s the limit when it’s your company and you are the one making things happen.

You can work locally or online giving you a large customer base and tons of possibilities

One of the best things about this business is that is customer base is not limited to only your geographical area. With the internet, you are open to online consulting which means you can consult with anyone, anywhere. This opens your business up to being able to work almost anyone. With a great website and some good marketing you can attract clients from your local area, but also from across the United States and all over the world!

Image Consulting is a fast growing business (personal branding is hot)

More and more individuals and businesses are realizing the impact that image and personal branding has. Individuals are seeing that their image is what may be holding them back from getting important roles, positions, and possibly impeding their career’s forward momentum while businesses are seeing that the image their employees are projecting reflects on their business, their sales, their clients and their bottom line. All of this equals a growing need for Image Consultants who are trained in Personal Image Consulting, Corporate Image Consulting and Personal Branding.