Most of the time your questions can be answered in our FAQ. Please check below before submitting an inquiry.


Please follow the instructions on the start page . These instructions include details on the following prompts: Request access to our Facebook group, order required books for your course, schedule your 1:1 session with your instructor and browse around the resource hub.

Navigate to the menu and find “My Courses”. This is where you’ll find your course once the class has officially started.

Your course probably hasn’t started yet. Remember that your course will not appear in “My Courses” until the first official day the course begins.
Because we carefully designed the content to suit your learning needs in a specific way, we do not give you all of the content upfront. Our course lessons are released each week in separate modules. You’ll receive the lessons of each week on Mondays while the course is in session.
At the top of each course you’ll see a progress bar (including percentage). In addition, each lesson you’ve completed will be marked in green.
The courses are built to be easy and self-explanatory to navigate. However, on the course start page you’ll find a short video with instructions to make sure you’ll find everything you need in order to have a great learning experience.
The private student Facebook group is the first place you should go to ask questions or reach out to your instructor. Shauna and Sylvie check the group regularly and often your fellow students and alumni can help and/or will most likely benefit from your questions as well.
You’ll be able to download all lessons as audio files. In addition you can download workbooks, checklists and many of the free bonuses. Interactive e-learning lessons and video lessons are not downloadable.


Every student is different and has a different learning style. Some students invest one or two hours per day during the course weeks; others study on the weekend. Some students watch one lesson per day, others watch all videos at once.
No. You’ll work on your own time and schedule. This gives you the flexibility and the responsibility to stay on task. The only time you have to stick to an appointment is when you have your 1:1 session with your instructor.
Your course license is eligible for the person you’ve registered during the payment process. The course license is not transferable to someone else prior, during or past the course.
Policies are the same as for classroom events. As soon as you have enrolled for the course and have access to the student materials, we cannot refund the course fee.
The courses are structured and built on a strong, doable and proven curriculum that allows you to work through all lessons within three or six weeks. We run several courses per year and can therefore not extend the course duration.
No. You will be able to revisit the entire Studio site for 12 months after the class has ended. You will still be able to download materials and access free bonuses. However, the course itself will not be available after three or six weeks.
No. Our courses are happening online, there are no physical meetings. Online training is what we are great in.


It depends. Some students have additional questions about the course content, others decide to use their time to discuss relevant business questions. It’s up to you as this is your hour to direct for your needs and goals.
We recommend that you keep detailed notes of questions or concerns during the training weeks and bring your questions to the 1:1 session.
Navigate to the course start page. You’ll find links to your instructors schedule, which allow you to book your coaching session online.
The number of 1:1 sessions depends on the course you’ve booked (3 week or 6 week certification course) and if you’ve signed up during regular registration or early bird.

  • Personal Image Consulting (PIC) and Corporate Image Consulting (CIC): You’ll have 2 coaching sessions (Week 3 + Week 6). If you’ve signed up during early bird registration you’ll receive another coaching session prior to the course start.
  • Personal Branding (PB) and Menswear Consulting (MW): You’ll have 1 coaching session (Week 3). If you’ve signed up during early bird registration you’ll receive another coaching session prior to the course start.
You’ll meet your instructor either via Skype or Zoom, which means you’ll need an internet connection. Virtual meetings are preferred to phone calls.
Due to the amount of students and your instructors dedicated time within the coaching weeks it is not possible to reschedule your 1:1 session.
We are sorry. We do not have a reschedule option due to the amount of students in the course and your instructors dedicated time to each student and the course.
Look out for our upgrades. You can add a coaching package with your instructor.


Our courses are meant to be informative and fun. As long as you’ve studied the lessons, worked on your assignments and asked the right questions during your 1:1 sessions, the final exam should not be difficult.
Once you get a passing grade on your final exam, you are technically considered certified. You’ll receive detailed post-exam information about what happens next. You will receive your actual certification documents within 4 – 6 weeks of completing the course.


Click on the “Login” feature at the top right of your screen. It’s where you usually put in your username and password. Look at the bottom of the popup and find the feature “Lost my Password”. It’s where you can reset your password.
Your username is your e-mail address that you used to initially register and enroll in the course.
You can change your password in the “My Account Menu” after you’ve logged in. Or, you don’t login and simply reset your password via the feature “Lost my password”.
Please use the Facebook group and describe your problem. Your instructor, many students and alumni are there to help. You are also welcome to use the contact form on this page and we will do our best to help. However, we cannot offer technical support for any problems connected to your individual device.


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We have a very supportive community of students and alumni in our private group. If the FAQ did not answer your questions, please post them in the Facebook group next.



Please use the contact form below to reach out to us and we will get back to you ASAP.