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Instagram is one of the best places to go to follow people who inspire you, influence you, elevate you and bring ideas to mind for how to better yourself, your business and your brand.

Instagram can be more than just scrolling through pictures of meals, your friends latest escapades and celebrity accounts. While those things are certainly fun, why not follow some accounts that can actually give you a little something in return?

We wanted to point out some of the Instagram accounts that we follow that give us daily inspiration and ideas.

Here are our top 13 picks of the Instagram accounts we love.

Not only do they have an amazing Instagram account, they have an app that allows you to screenshot anything you like from their Instagram page and it will show you where to buy it! What a handy shopping tool to have and we guarantee you will find something you like.


This personal stylist who serves New York and Los Angeles shops for anything you might need and then provides delivery and in home-fittings. The outfits on their Instagram feed are spot on fabulous!


This NYC Gal is a fashion blogger with some serious style. Her page is always full of colorful and inspiring fashion love and we have been infected by her always beautiful photography.

Mary Orton

There must be something in the water in NYC because this is another fashion blogger whose Instagram account sends us into fashion heaven! Her style is simply incredible.

Style Pantry

We are in love with this fashionista’s side by side outfit parade on her Instagram account. Always wonderful, always inspiring and always spot on!

Studio for Image Professionals

If you are a fashion fiend and you have considered even making a career out of it, The Studio for Image Professionals is a great account to follow for the latest blog posts, Masterclass details, Certification Courses and fashion advice.

Shauna Van Bogart

One of the founders of The Studio for Image Professionals, Shauna is a speaker and coach who helps people find the sweet spot in their business, their life and their brand. Inspiration included.

Sylvie di Giusto

Keynote speaker, personal branding guru and founder of How You Impress and co-founder of The Studio for Image Professionals, Sylvie’s Instagram approach is aimed to inspire, lead and help you understand what your image says about you to others.

Alex Beadon

If it is a little bit of business and marketing inspiration you need, this is one of the best places to get it. Not only is her account fun and flirty, it is also filled with great online marketing material for you and your business.

Style Collective

With a goal to empower women to become successful bloggers and entrepreneurs, she is certainly doing just that. With her account full of fashion and tons of helpful tips, you are likely to find something that inspires you.

Think Creative Collective

Join Abagail and Emylee for their Instagram account that can help you gain methods to create growth, profit and sustainability all without, as they say, losing your sanity. Great quotes, great courses and great style.

Rising Tide Society

With a huge community of creative entrepreneurs an great Tuesday meetups, this society is setting Instgram on fire with inspiring business ideas and love!

Girl Boss

If you need a daily inspirational quote to get yourself or your business moving, not only will Girl Boss provide, they will also help you redefine success through content and community and we love it.