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When working with clients many of their challenges can be generalized, however, every single client Is going to be different and no client Is going to fit neatly into a little box. When it comes to male and female clients, they are going to have some similarities in their needs and commonalities, but as a great image consultant it will be your job to be able to sort out the many differences and challenges each face when it comes to their gender roles.

You may wonder what some of the major differences are between working with male clients versus female clients. Typically, most female clients come into the business thinking they would be better in working with other females because they are themselves females and feel they have a better knowledge of the inner workings there.

Same goes for men coming into the business and working with other men. However, as many come into the business, they soon find that they do much enjoy working with clients of the opposite sex for many reasons and that the differences between their needs and how they operate is a unique challenge they enjoy taking on.

Here are 10 of the top differences between working with female and male clients.

Females are more emotional while males or more rational.

Please do not misunderstand this as an insult to females. Emotions are good. As females we tend to make more of our decisions from an emotional place. We think about how things will make us feel, how things will make others feel, how those decisions might affect others and how they might affect us. This is just how we operate. While makes tend to have a more rational approach to things. They are more methodical and emotions are not typical in the top tier of their decision making process. This means that when you are working with them the reasons they may have for wanting to make changes or needing to follow a new path or go in a new direction may be completely different. They may also have very different feelings about their new look.

Females tend to run into more problems with appropriate dress than male clients do

You will likely more often run into female clients that have run into issues with inappropriate dress. This is because as women, we have so many more options than men. Menswear can be a very simple process if you know what you are doing, while females have such an array of choices that range from everything from pants to dresses to suits and that does not even get into all the accessories and more. It can be a literal minefield.

Men tend to be less observant of their body types

As women we are often very observant and even overly critical of our bodies so we are very aware of our body types and shapes. Men tend to be less so which leaves them too often wearing ill fitting clothing that is too large or too small. This can make them appear sloppy or as if they do not take their appearance seriously.

Men often forget to stay in the “now”

While picking up on every trend is not necessary, women are much more likely to stay on top of the latest fashion do’s and don’ts while men can often be stuck in their hay day. This will at times leave their clothing outdated, worn down and in desperate need of replacement.

Grooming men vs. women

With men it is usually the hair and the beards or moustaches. They often forget the importance of staying on top of keeping things neat and orderly when it comes to looking your best or think that no one notices. With women, it can be missing that appointment to get their roots touched up or wearing way too much makeup or makeup that does not suit their shading. And with both sexes the little details like keeping nails neat and clean and taking the time to invest in keeping your teeth looking white and clean are equally important. With both male and female clients good grooming habits is incredibly important, but each will have different areas to focus on.


While women have a tendency to over-accessorize or choose the wrong types of accessories, men go the opposite way. They either do not accessorize at all or they are very cheap about it. They do not realize how important it is to select accessories wisely that make a statement about themselves and their image. For women it can important to downgrade and choose more simple and understated options that speak class, style and simplicity.

Speaking styles

I find often that women speak too softly or in too high of a voice purposely. This is not their natural tone of voice when they are at home or with friends or family, but when they get into the office, they feel they cannot speak normally or cannot assert themselves or lack the confidence to do so. While men do not as often run into this problem or may more often have the problem of coming across too gruff, too aggressive or as someone who uses jokes too often to get around an uncomfortable situation.

The over-share/under-share

This is something that can come from that emotional side of women and that is that we tend to be over-sharers. We share entirely too much personal information in the office, with colleagues or with clients. This is not something we run into as often with our male clients. In fact, they often share too little or find it harder to use personal details to make connections with others. There is a fine line that has to be walked here and helping your clients find that balance is crucial.

Helping too much or too little

Over the last 30 years or so women have started to try to fit into a superwoman role in which we can do anything, which in many ways is very true, but it has also forced us into the spot of thinking we HAVE to do everything. This puts us in the situation of feeling like we can never say no and taking on way too much. We are the chronic over helper. Men, on the other hand tend to have no problem saying no and are often seen by their co-workers as someone they know they cannot depend on to help with that extra project or to stay for that extra hour. Again, this is about a balance you have to help your clients find in which they are not a doormat, but they are dependable and seen as someone who can be a team player.


Body language

It is very common that men are not as aware of their body language. This seems to come back to them being less aware of their bodies in general. While women will notice the way someone stands, holds their hands or tilts their head and will also notice these things in themselves, men can often ignore these signs in others and therefore ignore them in themselves as well. They may spend a whole meeting with crossed arms no realizing this made them look closed off and unapproachable. It is about making them more aware of their body and what it is saying to others.