This is the industry’s only 3-week online personal branding certification and mentorship course that includes practical and relevant training and tools along with the proven theories and research necessary to become a successful Personal Branding Consultant.

Personal branding is becoming more and more important to nearly anyone and everyone looking to get a leg up on their career.

Not only are individuals seeking personal branding advice for themselves, companies are implementing personal branding programs for their employees. The idea of impression management and self-presentation are becoming more and more important with the rise of social media and an ever-evolving online world.

Utilize your skills as an image consultant to help individuals boost their credibility, grow their exposure, and reach their professional goals – online and offline – with a personal brand that’s strategic and memorable.


Shauna VanBogart is the owner of the renowned one-stop shop for personal transformation, Best Kept Self, based in Charleston, SC and has been recognized by Huffington Post as one of the top personal branding experts in the world. As a professional speaker, small business expert and image consultant trainer, Shauna has been working with entrepreneurs and aspiring image consultants to launch successful businesses since 2007.

Streamlining. I can take an overwhelming thought, project, idea, or task and collapse it instantly into a process or system that is incredibly easy to achieve. I’ve always had a knack for taking processes and streamlining them, making things more productive and efficient.

Success to me is doing what you love, in a place that you love, surrounded by people you love.

Pursuing my dreams, without fail, in every aspect of my life.

There’s not just one person in my life that is the most important role model. I take a “learn something from everyone” approach to life and have many people who have inspired me, mentored me (without even knowing it), or served as a leader in my life.

Not promoting themselves enough. Self-promotion is extremely difficult, especially when you’re placing a monetary value on your own skills and expertise. Most of the time, I’m not seeing business owners market themselves enough or at all.

I knew the moment I “met” Sylvie via Skype that I wanted to work with her. Sylvie has always shared the same vision of the industry and I have always admired her marketing and web presence. There are endless reasons I chose to work with her professionally, but the icing on the cake is that she’s an incredibly FUN person to work with as well 🙂

My laptop (of course), my iphone (helps me work on the go), and my moleskin notebook to track all my thoughts, brainstorms, activities, and conversations.

Procrastination. I am incredibly deadline driven when it comes to my work style. If there’s not a deadline, it will take twice as long.



Online training providers within this industry have a bad reputation. Why? Because many training providers sell downloadable pdf’s and let you believe this is “e-learning”. Far from that. You deserve better. That’s why we offer:

  • Interactive video and audio based training content
  • One-on-one mentorship sessions during the course
  • Step-by-step instructional workbooks, checklists and worksheets
  • Library of downloadable resources, tools and links
  • Private online community for students and interaction with your instructors


We offer the most comprehensive online course on the market. Each week, a new learning module is released except for the two work-weeks where that time is dedicated to homework catch-up and live mentoring sessions with your instructor.


Let’s get started by understanding personal branding theories. We’ll cover the definitions of impression management, self-presentation, and personal branding, along with helping you set up your business in a way that’s conducive to personal branding clients. We’ll also help you price your consulting packages and share marketing techniques to reach your targeted clientele. Once we have the business logistics down, we’ll move on to the logistics of packaging your client through their appearance, brand identity and their messaging. Learn how to position your client for success and how to brand them across all their marketing touch points with the public.


PB 1.1 | Welcome & Introduction to this Course
PB 1.2 | Introduction & Meet Your Instructor
PB 1.3 | Starting with the basics
PB 1.4 | Impression Management & Self-Presentation
PB 1.5 | Ethics & Personal Branding
PB 1.6 | Business Logistics
PB 1.7 | Tools for the Job
PB 1.8 | Positioning & USP
PB 1.9 | Packaging your client through appearance
PB 1.10 | Packaging your client through brand identity
PB 1.11 | Packaging your client through with messaging
PB 1.12 | End of Week One


During the second week you’ll learn about high and low visibility tactics. We’ll discuss how to work with your clients on a networking, public speaking, and community involvement strategy. We’ll also talk about social media marketing, pro-tactics for boosting credibility through their website, the importance of photography and video, and how to collect testimonials that sell. You’ll also discover how your clients can boost their personal brand through information products and we’ll take a look at several case studies of brands done right.


PB 2.1 | Download your workbook for the week
PB 2.2 | High visibility vs low visibility tactics
PB 2.3 | Offline visibility: Networking to stand out
PB 2.4 | Offline visibility: Community involvement & events
PB 2.5 | Offline visibility: Public Speaking
PB 2.6 | Online visibility: Exposure through social media
PB 2.7 | Online visibility: Utilizing a website
PB 2.8| Online visibility: Photography & Images
PB 2.9 | The power of testimonials
PB 2.10 | Information products


You’ll spend the last week working through some homework and assignments. You’ll also schedule your final one-on-one call with your instructor via Skype to get personalized feedback and answers to your specific questions. Upon completion of your final exam at the end of the course, you’ll walk away and proudly can call yourself a certified Personal Branding Consultant.


PB 3.1 | Work week & Live call
PB 3.2 | Exam
PB 3.3 | Finalize your certification & feedback
PB 3.4 | Wrapping up


No problem at all – we just recommend starting with the personal image consulting certification. We built our personal image consulting course assuming that you are at the ground level, but seasoned business experts will also walk away with relevant industry specific knowledge. We give you step-by-step, easy to follow instructions for getting your business started, learning how to perform consultations, and how to market your business. In addition, we provide you with the resources necessary to do all of those things without having to hunt them down. This will not only save you time but thousands of dollars as well!

In the Personal Consulting Course and the Corporate Consulting Course, we discuss color basics as they relate to the topics at hand. We provide you with enough education and curriculum to be able to work with your clients, effectively. We do NOT, however, show you how to perform the custom color analysis consult with color drapes because this has to be taught live. We can recommend potential providers if this is something you’re interested in.

Yes, we are recognized by AICI as a training provider in image consulting. You can join AICI as a “General Member” with no previous experience or education in image consulting. However, AICI requires you to have 20 hours of professional training to become a “Skilled Member” of the organization. Upon completion of our program, you will receive a letter and certificate of completion stating that you received professional training hours, which count toward if not fully cover and surpass the needed credits. If you are pursuing the First Level Certification for AICI, your SIP Certification School training will be recognized by AICI as long as you show proof of registration for our course, a copy of your certificate, and the letter stating what AICI Core Competencies you have learned including the acquired number of training hours. We provide you with each of these things.

This is the industry’s most sought-after program. This is not just an education. Shauna and Sylvie are just as motivated to help you become an expert business owner as they are to help you become a credible image consultant. It is the ONLY certification program that combines the vast knowledge of two internationally-known consultants who are recognized in and outside the industry for their business expertise. In addition, we’re providing you with the most resourceful tools, digital applications, and modern approach available worth more than $20,000.

Perfect! We think that’s a smart move. We’ve worked with several business owners who are trying to combine image consulting with their existing business. We’ll show you how to mesh the two seamlessly and you may pick up a few extra marketing ideas that you may not have thought of before. What a great way to provide more value to your client base while also boosting your credibility.

Yes – we only offer a payment plan during early bird registration which runs about 2 – 4 months prior to the class starting.

There’s nothing that will set you back more than feeling overwhelmed. This is why we only provide access to one module each week. Once the module is available, it is there permanently so you can access it at any time if you fall behind. However, you will not get access to it ahead of schedule.

We know that some of you prefer to have everything upfront. If following this weekly schedule is not ideal, this may not be the right certification program for you.

We hear you, a certification is a massive investment and you want to be sure you’re prepared. However, speaking from experience, we know that at some point you have to make the leap. The justifications for not starting are oftentimes symptoms of fear that are prolonging the success you could have sooner. We’d love to see you start doing what you love as soon as possible.

Our image consulting online certification courses are only offered twice a year and you can see the course schedule listed on each course page.

The courses will require you to have sound, internet access, and the ability to download word documents and PDFs.

The Personal Image Consulting Course is accessible via laptop, desktop, ipad, and iphone.

The Menswear, Personal Branding, and Corporate Image Consulting Course is only accessible via laptop and desktop.

We believe strongly that to train on the technical image consulting skills AND the appropriate business building skills you’ll need to be successful long-term, that our curriculum needs to span several weeks. This is why we made a very strategic decision to NOT offer live courses as we would only be able to cover so much in a 7 – 10 day time period.

In addition, we serve students all over the world and want to make our curriculum as accessible as possible while keeping your investment low. Instead of spending money on travel and accommodations for a certification, we want you to put that money instead into your new and growing business.

Our online courses are much like classroom courses, except the delivery of the learning materials and all interaction happens online. You will receive video lessons and in each lesson, Shauna & Sylvie will explain the relevant content and give you instructions on how you can bring the theoretical information into life via practical actions steps. You’ll receive worksheets that help you through this process, and you can also download each lesson as audio and transcribed text version.

The course is built to be easy and self-explanatory to navigate. However, on the course start page you’ll find a short video with instructions to make sure you’ll find everything you need in order to have a great learning experience.

You’ll be able to download all lessons as audio files or transcribed text files. In addition you can download all video slides, worksheets and many of the free bonuses.

For each lesson, you should plan around 20-30 minutes. This includes watching a video, which is usually anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes long, downloading the materials and working on the specific tasks. Each module contains around 5 to 12 lessons. Some participants watch one lesson per day, others watch all videos at once. In total, plan to spend at least 8 – 15 hours a week on the course (depending on your learning style and how fast you put the knowledge to work).

No. You’ll work on your own time and schedule. This gives you flexibility and the responsibility to stay on task.

For the Personal and Corporate Image Consulting Certifications, you have six weeks to complete the course. For the menswear and personal branding course, you have three weeks to complete the course.

No. The course is structured and built on a strong, doable and proven curriculum that allows you to work through all units within the assigned schedule.

Once you have access to the course you’ll be able to access the bonus material in the Resource Hub of the course.

We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. Please do not send cash or checks through the mail. We do not accept cash or check payments for any courses or services.

No. Our goal is to make high-quality online courses available at the best price, and to treat every customer equally. There’s no guessing or uncertainty around what you are buying and how much it costs.

No. We do not offer any financial aid. One way to receive financial aid might be to reach out to your bank, family, or even run a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for your education. Occasionally, we have participants who get the course or parts of the registration fee sponsored by employers or other institutions. However, this is something you will have to discuss with your employer, and we cannot help at this point.

Policies are the same as for classroom events. As soon as you have started the course and/or downloaded materials we cannot refund the course fee.


Seats are limited to 20 students per course. Register now to guarantee a slot for this class in 2018.


Pay in full for $1,897 or pay in two installments – $987 now and $987 in 30 days.

Payment is handled by PayPal who also accepts most credit and debit cards. If you have trouble accessing paypal, please contact us and we can process your payment manually. Please, be aware that training expenses are legally tax deductible. Your investment can be written off as a business expense for your taxes.





“The best part about the program is the plethora of material with so many different areas covered, and the live coaching call. There is so much covered from so many different aspects. You can’t get this much material that is so deep and so broad in any one place besides here. Shauna is a rock star! She is super smart, energetic, so achieved – and she sees things that you don’t, which makes her a great coach.”

Kevin Godbee | St. Petersburg, Florida

“The prompt feedback on assignments and the 1 on 1 coaching call with Shauna was a dream come true. I learned that I am much more capable of doing this than I ever thought. It was great validation!”

Ashley Roda | Gresham, Oregon

“I’ve dramatically improved my own brand since taking this course, and attracted a new client based on my new expertise. It is a comprehensive program that thoroughly explains what a brand is, the benefits of managing it, and a step-by-step guide to do so. Shauna is personable, knowledgeable, and humble, she embodies every quality you would want in an instructor. She also represents her own brand very well.”

Isabella Clivilez-Wu | New York, New York

“I’m more focused, I am more strategic, I am more refined, I am more clear and consistent. I liked each single feature, each single unit, each single topic and reworking on the units through the workbook has been of great help. Two simple words: thank you!”

Stefania Rolandelli | Bologna, Italy

“I was not sure how ‘credible’ the certification was, but after taking it I can say it was a great program with great content. You get a lot of content in a short time. I liked the entire concept – the slides, audio, video examples, etc. ”

Elke J. Koscher | Atlanta, Georgia

“I had absolutely no hesitations about enrolling in this course. In fact, when I made a decision to become a Personal Branding Consultant, I was glad that something like this was available. Since my enrollment I’ve become more determined about the role I intend to fill for clients who’ll benefit from my unique skill set. I loved that the entire course was accessible online. I highly recommend this training for anyone who wants to be considered a “professional” in this field. Working with Shauna has been an amazing experience! She is well versed in the subject matter and the material presented was current, as well as concise. In my opinion, this certification course is worth it’s weight in gold! ”

Letetia Davis | Spokane, Washington

“I’m a lot more aware of the importance of having a well managed social media. Also, the 3 Word Mantra and the unique selling proposition are two revealing and very useful concepts. The whole layout is great. It is easy to use. The downloadable material is a good feature. But above all the material itself is very good and very useful for anybody. I have obtained a lot of benefits. I’m currently changing a lot of my own branding and also using this new knowledge to help the improvement of my company’s brand. The info is downloadable for you to go over it again and again. You will have an opportunity to get to know more people from the same industry and do some networking. I’m very happy I took the course, at first I had my doubts but now I can honestly say it was a great choice and I’m sure I will benefit a lot from this. ”

Grey Vargas Fuentes | Barranquilla, Atlantico