Psychology of Color

Maybe you are reading this because you are interested in becoming a Corporate Image Consultant. Maybe you are ready this because you have considered hiring a Corporate Image Consultant for yourself or your company. Or maybe you have already started offering Image Consulting services but want to branch out and have a wider customer base.

No matter your reasons for wanting to get more information, there is really only one thing you need to know about Corporate Image Consulting.

It is the why?

Why Corporate Image Consulting?

Why is this needed?

Who would require these services?

Let’s think about this for a moment from our own personal experiences. If you were going into a meeting with two different companies and it was your job to choose which company you would be working with, what would you be looking for? What would you notice first? They would probably both have slick presentations and use a lot of great buzz words that would catch your attention. However, there would be some pretty big things you would see and hear without even seeing the presentation.

First, you would see how each of the representatives was dressed. Were they clean, dressed appropriately? Did they have nice grooming and smell good?

The second thing you would likely notice would be their behavior. Do they have a nice smile, a welcoming handshake? Do they have an open stance that feels warm or does their body language suggest they are stuffy and not easy to talk with? Do they seem nervous, jittery or do they seem to be confident?

Another thing that will quickly come into play will be their communication style. Do they speak in a tone that says they care or does it feel more like you are just another number to them? Do they communicate effectively what they have to offer or does their pitch fill you with confusion?

And lastly, before you came into the meeting did you do a little research about the company online? Did you maybe even find the names of the people you were meeting with to learn more about them? What did you find? Was it good or bad?

Now it is time to make your decision. Which company will you choose? What does all of this information that we have gained from not only our research but from the meeting itself do for us when we make our decision?

And here it is, the one thing you need to know about Corporate Image Consulting…an employee’s image directly correlates to how a customer or client will feel about the company itself.

And this is where the Corporate Image Consultant comes in. Whether you are hired by the company itself to show the employees how their image directly represents the company they work for and why that is so important or whether you are working with an individual CEO, professional, emerging leader or senior executive it is your job to explain exactly how important this fact truly is and why it can win or lose you business, gain or turn away clients, accelerate or hurt your career, or even at it’s worse give your company a bad reputation.

If you are interested in helping corporation and business professionals alike understand their image and how they represent their company, our Corporate Image Consulting certification course could be just what you are looking for.

And if you are a professional in need of an Image Consultant to help you stay on top of your image, we can help you find a qualified and trained consultant in your area.