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Please check your inbox for emails from info@studioforimageprofessionals.com. They could be in your Spam folder. These emails include important instructions and details for the following prompts: Requesting access to our Facebook group, ordering required books for your course, scheduling your 1:1 session with your instructor and browsing around the resource hub.

Yes – you’ll be able to download all lessons as slide decks and audio mp3 files. In addition, most courses include workbooks, checklists, tools that can be downloaded.

No problem at all! Many students are!  We recommend starting with the Personal Image Consulting Certification. We built our Personal Image Consulting Course assuming that you are at the ground level, but seasoned business experts will also walk away with relevant industry specific knowledge. We give you step-by-step, easy to follow instructions for getting your business started, learning how to perform consultations, and how to market your business. In addition, we provide you with the resources necessary to do all of those things without having to hunt them down. This will not only save you time but thousands of dollars as well!

In the Personal Consulting Course and the Corporate Consulting Course, we discuss color basics as they relate to the topics at hand. We provide you with enough education and curriculum to be able to work with your clients, effectively. We do NOT, however, show you how to perform the custom color analysis consult with color drapes because this has to be taught live. We can recommend potential providers if this is something you’re interested in.

Perfect! We think that’s a smart move. We’ve worked with several business owners who are trying to combine image consulting with their existing business. We’ll show you how to mesh the two seamlessly and you may pick up a few extra marketing ideas that you may not have thought of before. What a great way to provide more value to your client base while also boosting your credibility.

Unfortunately, no. The certification programs come as a total package. However, if you want to train on a specific subject, check out our available masterclass options. 

Our online courses are much like classroom courses, except the delivery of the learning materials and all interaction happens online.  You will receive video lessons and in each lesson, Shauna & Sylvie will explain the relevant content and give you instructions on how you can bring the theoretical information into life via practical actions steps. You’ll receive worksheets that help you through this process, and you can also download each lesson as audio and transcribed text version.

Once you have access to the course you’ll be able to access the bonus material in the Resource Hub of the course.

We have four certification courses which give you the credentials to specialize in either Personal, Corporate, Menswear or Personal Branding. These comprehensive 6-week and 3-week courses.

Our Masterclasses are 2.5 hour workshops on specific subjects. They can be purchased individually and instantly watched and reviewed. View our Masterclasses here. 

The Quick Start course is for anyone that is at the ground level of image consulting and isn’t yet ready to commit to a Certification Course. This course is seven days in length and includes more than 6 hours of video, training worksheets, homework, and resources for starting in the industry now and beginning to work with clients. The information in the Quick Start course will guide you through setting up your business, narrowing your expertise, building credibility from the ground up, and how to perform a closet edit and personal shopping service.

Our Certification Courses are credentialed comprehensive courses spanning 3 – 6 weeks (depending on the course). We recommend people start with the Personal Image Consulting Course is it gives the foundation for core image concepts and helps you setup and grow your business. However, if you aren’t sure if image consulting is 100% for you or if you don’t have the funds to pay for the certification investment, the Quick Start course is a wonderful resource that will show you how to start in the industry despite not having a certification or credibility, experience, or background in the field. In the Quick Start Course, you will get the information, tools and resources to enter into the field in as little as 7 days.


For our Certification Courses, every student is different and has a different learning style. Some students invest one or two hours per day during the course weeks; others study on the weekend. Some students watch one lesson per day, others watch all videos at once.

On average, our students tell us they spend anywhere from 8 – 12 hours a week on the Certification course.

No. Once the course begins on the assigned date, you’ll work on your own time and schedule throughout the duration of the course. This gives you the flexibility to work at your own convenience but still be held accountable to the weekly lessons and homework.

If you chose a “Study with Shauna/Sylvie” option, then the only time you have to stick to an appointment time or show up on your computer at a specific time is when you have your 1:1 session with your instructor.

The courses are structured and built on a strong, doable and proven curriculum that allows you to work through all lessons within three or six weeks. We run several courses per year and can therefore not extend the course duration.

No. You will be able to revisit the entire Studio site after the class has ended. You will still be able to download materials and access free bonuses. However, the course itself will not be available after three or six weeks.

No (for a number of reasons – watch our homepage video!) We chose to build our courses online for very deliberate reasons that are to your benefit; there are no physical meetings. Online training is what we are great in.

For Masterclasses, yes, you get all the content upfront.

For our Quick Start Course, we recommend doing a lesson a day (total of 7 days) but you will have the choice to keep moving through the content all at once if you’d like.

For our Certification Courses, it’s a different story. There’s nothing that will set you back more than feeling overwhelmed. This is why we only provide access to one module each week. Once the module is available, it is there permanently so you can access it at any time if you fall behind.  However, you will not get access to it ahead of schedule.

We know that some of you prefer to have everything upfront. If following this weekly schedule is not ideal, this may not be the right certification program for you.

We hear you; a certification is a massive investment and you want to be sure you’re prepared. However, speaking from experience, we know that at some point you have to make the leap. The justifications for not starting are oftentimes symptoms of fear that are prolonging the success you could have sooner. We’d love to see you start doing what you love as soon as possible.

A great place to start is with our Quick Start Course. This is specifically designed for those who aren’t yet ready to make the investment in Certification at this time. You can still get started on your dream and in as little as 7 days! Click here for Quick Start details. 

Our image consulting online certification courses are only offered twice a year and you can see the course schedule listed on each course page.

For the Personal and Corporate Image Consulting Certifications, you have six weeks to complete the course. For the menswear and personal branding course, you have three weeks to complete the course.


It depends. Some students have additional questions about the course content, others decide to use their time to discuss relevant business questions. It’s up to you as this is your hour to direct for your needs and goals.

For those of you that chose the “Study with Shauna/Sylvie” options, we recommend that you keep detailed notes of questions or concerns during the training weeks and bring your questions to the 1:1 session.

Only those that chose the “Study with Shauna/Sylvie” option will receive access to coaching calls.

The number of 1:1 sessions depends on the course you’ve booked (3 week or 6 week certification course) and if you’ve signed up during regular registration or early bird.

  • Personal Image Consulting (PIC) and Corporate Image Consulting (CIC): You’ll have 3 coaching sessions (Week 1 + Week 3 + Week 6).
  • Personal Branding (PB) and Menswear Consulting (MW): You’ll have 2 coaching sessions (Week 1 + Week 3).

You’ll meet your instructor via Zoom or phone, which means you’ll need an internet connection. Virtual meetings are preferred to phone calls.

Please inquire with your instructor on how to book an additional coaching session.


Yes, we are recognized by AICI as a training provider in image consulting. You can join AICI as a “General Member” with no previous experience or education in image consulting. However, AICI requires you to have 20 hours of professional training to become a “Skilled Member” of the organization. Upon completion of our program, you will receive a letter and certificate of completion stating that you received professional training hours, which count toward if not fully cover and surpass the needed credits.  If you are pursuing the First Level Certification for AICI, your SIP Certification School training will be recognized by AICI as long as you show proof of registration for our course, a copy of your certificate, and the letter stating what AICI Core Competencies you have learned including the acquired number of training hours. We provide you with each of these things.

This is the industry’s most sought-after program. This is not just an education. Shauna and Sylvie are just as motivated to help you become an expert business owner as they are to help you become a credible image consultant. It is the ONLY certification program that combines the vast knowledge of two internationally-known consultants who are recognized in and outside the industry for their business expertise. In addition, we’re providing you with the most resourceful tools, digital applications, and modern approach available worth more than $20,000.

We believe strongly that to train on the technical image consulting skills AND the appropriate business building skills you’ll need to be successful long-term, that our curriculum needs to span several weeks. This is why we made a very strategic decision to NOT offer live courses as we would only be able to cover so much in a 7 – 10 day time period.

In addition, we serve students all over the world and want to make our curriculum as accessible as possible while keeping your investment low. Instead of spending money on travel and accommodations for a certification, we want you to put that money instead into your new and growing business.


Please use the Facebook group and describe your problem. Your instructor, many students and alumni are there to help. You are also welcome to use the contact form on this page and we will do our best to help. However, we cannot offer technical support for any problems connected to your individual device.

The courses will require you to have sound, internet access, and the ability to download word documents and PDFs. All of our courses can be accessed via mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop.

The course is built to be easy and self-explanatory to navigate. However, on the course start page you’ll find a short video with instructions to make sure you’ll find everything you need in order to have a great learning experience.


Yes – we allow you to pay for all of our certification courses in full (for a discount!), in two installments, or in five installments.

Masterclasses and the Quick Start course are pay-in-full only.

Your course license is eligible for the person you’ve registered during the payment process. The course license is not transferable to someone else prior, during or past the course.
Policies are the same as for classroom events. As soon as you have enrolled for the course and have access to the student materials, we cannot refund the course fee.

We accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express credit cards. Please do not send cash or checks through the mail. We do not accept cash or check payments for any courses or services.

We do not offer any financial aid. One way to receive financial aid might be to reach out to your bank, family, or even run a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for your education.  Occasionally, we have participants who get the course or parts of the registration fee sponsored by employers or other institutions. However, this is something you will have to discuss with your employer, and we cannot help at this point.


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