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A great website is an important part of any business. Today’s world is about our online presence and when you want to work with a company, a business or an individual where is the first place that you head to and find out more? Their website!

This is your place to sign like a diamond and show people what you are all about, but if your website is dull, hard to navigate, full of pop up ads or bad design, you could leave your customer feeling like working with you will be much like visiting your website.

Your website should be your calling card and more than anything you want it to drive customers to you.

We have 9 brand design elements you MUST have on your website…


From the biggest companies in the world like eBay, Amazon, and Target to the smallest companies in your neighborhood, every business has a logo and yours should be no different. It does not have to be complicated and in fact, it should be simple, less than 2-3 colors and something that makes sense for your business. If you are not a design guru, there are tons of websites where you can hire someone to create a low-cost logo for your business using your ideas. This will show customers you are legit


Much like when you write a paper or draw up a proposal, using twenty fonts all over the place is not the way to go here. When thinking about your brand and your website you want to choose one or two fonts that you use across the board. These same fonts can be used if you decide to create brochures, business cards or any other marketing materials and it will have the feel of consistency and professionalism. Select the font that shows off your personality and your brand, but be sure you are choosing something that is not hard to read and is easy on the eyes. Ask friends and colleagues for their opinion before printing anything.


Spend some time visiting popular websites and you will notice something right away. Almost all of them use 3-5 colors as their pallet throughout their website design. These are usually colors that compliment each other very well and may even tie in with the colors of their logo as well. Again, much like fonts, the colors you choose can say a lot about your business. For instance, if you are a massage therapist, you would likely use very calming colors that evoke a sense of relaxation to someone visiting your site. Whereas, if you were a daycare, then you would likely choose more childlike and fun colors that show parents visiting the site that this is a place for children to come and enjoy themselves. Remember this is not about just picking colors that you like, it is about thinking about your end results and what your customers are going to respond to.

Patterns or Textures

This can be an element that is often overlooked, but again, this is one that can be very recognizable when it comes to your brand. One that springs to mind for me is Louis Viton and that famous pattern you see on most of their handbags. It is very recognizable and even someone who does not own their bags would likely know what that pattern is and who it belongs to. This does not have to be a complicated pattern or texture, but just something that consistently works with your fonts, colors, and logo to make you stand out.


On websites, it is not just about making sure your photos are unblurry and fabulous, but you will likely even want to choose a specific photography style. Maybe your style is black and white and sleek. Maybe it is more of an abstract style. Whatever you choose, you want to keep it consistent across your website and your brand.


If you choose to use illustrations on parts of your website versus photos, there are a lot of different styles to choose from and again, you want to be sure that these match up with the rest of your brand elements and do not feel awkward or out of place. They should all synch together.


This is definitely one a lot of people miss but do not realize the effect it can have on people. Think about sounds that you associate with brands. One that comes to mind for me is the Farmer’s Insurance commercials. “We are Farmers! Bum da bum da bum, bum, bum.”

I bet you just sang that in your head didn’t you? I know I did! And I know if I heard that bum, bum, bum sound at the end I would immediately know what it was for and what company it was.  McDonald’s, Intel and many other companies use similar sounds. You can add that same element to your site when customers or clients click in certain places and boom! Suddenly you have clients singing your tune.


Your website layout will be an important element style and choosing something that you can use consistently across all of your touchpoints will be important. You can use your website layout and themes when you advertise, use social media and more and keeping that consistent theme throughout will play an important part in making your brand immediately recognizable.

Copy (Tone of Voice)

This is one I see missed a lot. In one post you are a jokester comedian and in the next very serious and straightforward. This can become confusing to consumers. Part of your brand and who you are is your voice. What do you want them to think about when they think of your brand? Is your brand funny? Is your brand down to earth? Is your brand truthful? Is your brand pumped up and wild? Again, much of this can come across in your tone, your copy and the way you write not just on your website, but on social media and anywhere your voice is represented.

Putting together a website can take time but if you make sure you are being true to your brand, your online welcome mat will bring people back to you time and time again.