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Have you been trying desperately to find new clients for your Personal Image or Styling business only to be frustrated with your results?

Maybe you have done some advertising or tried to send out some targeted campaigns, but you feel like your money was wasted.

No one likes to waste time or money trying to bring in new clients. We have a few tips to help you get started on bringing in some new clients for your business.

Here we give you a few tips to help you bring a few more clients.

1. Branch out

If you have only been offering your services to a small area such as your town or county, you could be missing out on some really amazing opportunities by offering virtual services.

Connect with people from all over the country or all over the world when you offer services that can be scheduled and done in a customer’s own time and at their own pace and in their own home.

2. Use social media wisely

If you are not using social media to reach a new audience then you could be missing out on a lot of business. Hold a weekly Facebook live event, write great blog posts or make great videos. This gives people who may be unsure of what you offer or how it can benefit them the chance to see something in action without having to invest money. When you do this, you can then have a call to action to visit your website, join your group, be added to your email list or more.

3. Get testimonials from the clients you do have

People want to work with those that have a reputation for doing amazing things. Ask your clients for a testimonial you can use for social media posts, your website, your email signature and more. Something as simple as a few sentences can do so much.

4. Referrals

Ask your clients to give you the name of someone who they think could use your services too. Offer them a discount or a future offering to sweeten the deal. Gaining new clients from your current clients does not have to be hard or difficult when done in the right way.

5. Create or write a free PDF e-Book

Think of this as another way to show your clients the expertise you have to offer. The e-Book is just a taste and show them you have so much offer them, that you can give some of it away for free! You are not afraid to share your knowledge and help others even in knowing you may get nothing back from it. In truth, you will get it back in abundance!