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How to work with stores as an image consultant

When you are working with your local clients, you will likely be doing some shopping trips with clients once you have had a chance to access their personal style needs, the direction you have both discussed and decided to go in with their new image, and possibly even the closet edits you have done with them to remove old, outdated and ill-fitting clothing from their current wardrobe. As an Image or Style Consultant, it will be important for you to make connections with local stores that will make styling your clients easier and [...]

How to work with stores as an image consultant2018-06-05T15:42:56-04:00

10 Differences between working with male and female clients

When working with clients many of their challenges can be generalized, however, every single client Is going to be different and no client Is going to fit neatly into a little box. When it comes to male and female clients, they are going to have some similarities in their needs and commonalities, but as a great image consultant it will be your job to be able to sort out the many differences and challenges each face when it comes to their gender roles. You may wonder what some of the major differences are [...]

10 Differences between working with male and female clients2018-06-05T15:34:15-04:00

How to charge for Image Consulting

Charging for Image Consulting can vary from place to place and consultant to consultant. I am often asked by new Image Consultant how to go about deciding how to charge for services when you first start out. Often, they are afraid of charging too much and scaring new clients away, but at the same time they do not want charge too little and end up not making enough to make it worth their while. This is a very understandable concern when you are first starting out in the world of consulting and something [...]

How to charge for Image Consulting2018-05-23T16:37:26-04:00

5 Mobile apps that will help your clients save money while shopping

There are many different shopping apps that help you save money when shopping online.  Everyone can use a little leg up when it comes to saving a little cash, especially when you are working towards investing in your wardrobe and yourself. We do not endorse any of these apps and there are many competitors out there that offer similar options, but these are the ones that we have used in the past that have helped us save big! Shop Style Shopstyle is a shopping search engine that compiles products from hundreds of [...]

5 Mobile apps that will help your clients save money while shopping2018-05-23T16:24:56-04:00

5 Reasons why being an Image Consultant is the best job ever

Dream careers are not easy to come by. Some take years and years of expensive schooling. Others could require decades of rejection and let down before you ever land that big role. Some feel so out of reach you feel like quitting before you even get started. Some don't pay enough to live off of. Some don't have enough jobs to go around. Then there are those that come along that combine the love and passion you have for something you may have never considered to be a career. Something you are already [...]

5 Reasons why being an Image Consultant is the best job ever2018-05-21T16:15:59-04:00

10 Tips for Dealing with Introvert Clients

Don’t let assumptions get in your way. An introvert client may not immediately respond during coaching sessions and it does not mean they are incapable or incompetent. Introverts will need time to put their thoughts together. Introverts will often need more time to express themselves and their feelings. Don’t expect answers immediately.  Do not be surprised if during a coaching session, your client does not have immediate answers to your questions. You will have to be extra patient. Listen carefully and allow them extra time to work out their thoughts. [...]

10 Tips for Dealing with Introvert Clients2018-05-21T15:39:17-04:00

7 ways to sell your client’s used clothing

As you help your clients become their new selves, this will often come with a closet edit and a big clean out. They may be getting rid of just a few things or a whole lot of things. Either way, they could end up with some items that may not work for their image, but could be perfectly good pieces for someone else. Selling items instead of donating them could give your clients some quick cash to help them fund their new wardrobe purchases and allow them to splurge a little on those quality pieces [...]

7 ways to sell your client’s used clothing2018-05-11T21:45:57-04:00

The Top 8 Must See Fashion Documentaries

DIOR & I This documentary follows the short lived tenure of creative director Raf Simos as he took over at Christian Dior from April 2012 to October 2015 and the interesting combination he brought to the romantic Dior with his avant-garde but minimal style. The Secret World Of Haute Couture The world of haute couture is very secretive so this documentary is a rare treat. It will provide a sneak peek into the wardrobe of some of the fashion world’s most elite clientele, from fasions weeks to soirees to high [...]

The Top 8 Must See Fashion Documentaries2018-05-11T19:18:10-04:00

10 ways to get strong referrals

Try asking for introductions instead of using the term “referrals” Referral can often be a scary word for some people as it conjures up the image of high pressure car salesmen or you calling and bugging their friends and family at all hours of the day. Instead of asking them for a referral, try using the term “introduction” which can sound more friendly and less frightening. Don’t be afraid to ask Have you ever heard the saying, if you don’t ask the answer will always be no? It is true [...]

10 ways to get strong referrals2018-05-09T13:38:05-04:00

5 Challenges working with petite clients

We often hear about the challenges of plus size women, but rarely do the very petite women get lumped into that mix. While you may think being petite is a good thing (and it very much can be), it can also be very challenging when it comes to finding clothing that fits well and doesn’t make you look like you just shopped the juniors section. In fact, many petite women I have talked to over the years have had to do just that. It is frustrating for women who are very short or [...]

5 Challenges working with petite clients2018-04-23T14:47:54-04:00