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Apps have become a way of life. We use them for banking and finances, social media and connecting with friends, diet and exercise tracking and everything in between. So, when I found out there were apps that could help me choose my clothes or put together a stylish outfit I was intrigued. How would they work? Would it be as good as having my own stylist? How would it know what kind of style works for me? The questions kept coming so I thought I would try out a few. Here is what [...]


5 Expert Tips to Book More Personal Styling Clients

Have you been trying desperately to find new clients for your Personal Image or Styling business only to be frustrated with your results? Maybe you have done some advertising or tried to send out some targeted campaigns, but you feel like your money was wasted. No one likes to waste time or money trying to bring in new clients. We have a few tips to help you get started on bringing in some new clients for your business. Here we give you a few tips to help you bring a few more clients. [...]

5 Expert Tips to Book More Personal Styling Clients2018-10-28T16:50:23-04:00

5 Mistakes Image Consultants Who Want to Speak Make

Becoming a speaker is not a simple road and there are many roads to take along the way. If you are offering Image or Styling services now, you may have thought about speaking at events, conferences or in company training sessions as a new way to make money. This can be an excellent way to gain more clients, more confidence and more knowledge, but there are many mistakes we have seen in the past being made. We would like to save you from at least a few of these mistakes... Here are five [...]

5 Mistakes Image Consultants Who Want to Speak Make2018-10-28T16:42:17-04:00

How to Start an Image Consulting Business

Have you considered starting an Image or Style Consulting business, but feel like you get held up by where to start? What should I do first? Do I get clients first or build a website? Do I register my business or do I start training? What courses should I take? Do I need a degree or certificate of some type? These are all valid questions and ones we have heard many times before. Starting a business can be costly if not done right and mistakes are where most of our money can be [...]

How to Start an Image Consulting Business2018-10-14T19:42:14-04:00

9 Brand Design Elements You MUST Have On Your Website

A great website is an important part of any business. Today’s world is about our online presence and when you want to work with a company, a business or an individual where is the first place that you head to and find out more? Their website! This is your place to sign like a diamond and show people what you are all about, but if your website is dull, hard to navigate, full of pop up ads or bad design, you could leave your customer feeling like working with you will be much [...]

9 Brand Design Elements You MUST Have On Your Website2018-09-30T13:56:41-04:00

Questions & Answers about Image Consulting

I have found over the years that many people do not fully understand what an Image Consultant is, what they do or how they help others. Many simply see them as someone who picks out an outfit for you for an event or maybe as people who work with high-end celebrities before the Oscars or Grammy’s. The truth is that Image Consulting is so much more and is not just for celebrities, the elite or the wealthy. Image Consulting is quickly becoming something that everyone can benefit from. Today we are going to [...]

Questions & Answers about Image Consulting2018-09-27T12:29:43-04:00

The Only Thing You Need to Know About Corporate Image Consulting

Maybe you are reading this because you are interested in becoming a Corporate Image Consultant. Maybe you are ready this because you have considered hiring a Corporate Image Consultant for yourself or your company. Or maybe you have already started offering Image Consulting services but want to branch out and have a wider customer base. No matter your reasons for wanting to get more information, there is really only one thing you need to know about Corporate Image Consulting. It is the why? Why Corporate Image Consulting? Why is this needed? Who would [...]

The Only Thing You Need to Know About Corporate Image Consulting2018-09-16T16:14:41-04:00

8 Online Tools for Every Personal Brand

Personal Branding is something that every business and every successful entrepreneur should be concerned with. The process of establishing your public persona for your target audience involves carefully and accurately communicating your values, beliefs, goals, and purpose. This is how you are going to attract your core audience and how you are going to grow your business, bring in new clientele and keep your previous clientele coming back for more and most of all it is going to be what people come to know you for, what they can expect from you and [...]

8 Online Tools for Every Personal Brand2018-09-15T19:16:19-04:00

5 Social Media Hacks for Image Consultants

Whether social media is a new playground for you as a business owner or you feel like you have the lay of the land, but are not getting the results you want, sometimes knowing a few extra hacks can give you a leg up and show you some simple ways to get your social media game on point. Hack #1 Pre-schedule your posts Were you so busy last Monday you forgot to post about that sale you were having? Out of town for a week and no time to keep your [...]

5 Social Media Hacks for Image Consultants2018-09-05T15:33:36-04:00

Five Things Personal Branding Is NOT

Personal branding is a lot of things. It is important not only to companies, businesses and brands, but also to individuals and professionals. However, over the years there have been many myths about personal branding. We want to take about some of those and dispel a few of those myths and set the record straight! Here are 5 things that personal branding are NOT. It’s a ME Show Many people will tell you that personal branding is nothing more than narcissism or self-publicity at it’s worse. This could not be farther [...]

Five Things Personal Branding Is NOT2018-09-18T13:22:55-04:00