Almost all image consultants will tell you that they often find themselves wearing a life coach hat when working with clients. How can image and the external impression we leave not play a role on our internal wellbeing and vice versa?

Our wardrobe, grooming, communication style and body language are deeply tied to often subconscious emotions and feelings about ourselves, our self-worth and our confidence levels.

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How image consultants help

While image consultants can help clients on the outside – which is just as important as the inside because it’s a way to reflect those internal values and beliefs to the external world – they often sway into deep-level conversations with clients about overall self-esteem and internal struggles around body image.

Because of this, many of our students and alumni are also life coaches who see the immense value of incorporating image consulting as a value-add to their clients.

If you are a life coach, helping a client to pave the way for their ideal life, being able to show them how to execute an outward appearance through ABCD brings your work full-circle by offering a holistic approach.

Here’s how real world life coaches have successfully integrated image consulting into their business while also boosting their revenue by adding more value to their client experiences:

  • By taking their coaching and translating it to external actions steps for shifting identity. Meaning, they’ve worked hard to craft the vision of their best self. Now they can actually work with a client hands-on to execute that by helping them craft an individual style through wardrobe, by showing them how to capitalize on their strengths, through communication and behavior, and by building a personal brand.
  • Life coaches who work with clients on body image issues can not only speak to the issue but also show them how to put it to work by performing closet edits and taking the client shopping to show them how to feel comfortable in their own skin while expressing their own unique style. By showing the client how to “dress for the body they have now” they are successfully increasing confidence and self-esteem.
  • By working with clients to develop their self-worth, they are showing them how to focus on the things they really want and why they deserve to have those things. Those things could be a promotion at work or negotiating a higher salary or even stepping out to start their own business. By bringing image consulting tactics to the table, they can now show their client how to build a personal brand to highlight this self-worth in a way that’s humble, authentic, and powerful, so that their first impression is one that is magnetic and supporting these professional and personal goals.

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How can I add image consulting to my life coaching business?

Adding image consulting to your current life coaching business is actually easier than you may think and the money and time spent will come back to you tenfold.   You need two main things to do this, certification and a mentor.

At The Studio for Image Professionals you can learn from two of the industry’s top professionals and get the most modern, up to date, and relevant curriculum while getting certified as an image consultant. There are four incredible courses offered that will give you the technical training while helping you to add more value to your already strong business foundation. If you truly want to learn from the best and achieve you’re the goal of adding more value to your current business, start now by visiting us at and learn about us, our courses and how you can give more value to your clientele and help them from inside out.