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You’re the go-to fashion and style guru for all your friends

Do you often find that your friends come to you for fashion advice whenever they have a big event coming up?

Do your friends and family want you to come on shopping trips with them to help them make smart wardrobe choices?

Do they ask you to help them make outfits or look for your suggestions on how to layer or what colors look best?

If you can answer yes to even one of these questions or to all three, you may have just found your calling.

You have been passively searching online for job in fashion or style

Fashion has become such a passion of yours that every few months you catch yourself surfing the web looking for career opportunities in fashion. Maybe you have even considered moving to a bigger city or new location that has more access to these types of career paths. You are always looking out for opportunities to turn what has always been a hobby into a career you’ll love.

You can’t wait to get the latest fashion and style magazines

Do you anxiously wait by the mailbox for new issues of Vogue and Cosmo to arrive? Have you ever spent the day at the bookstore pouring over page after page of the newest styles, colors and trends in the magazine racks? Do you ever cut out your favorites and paste them in scrapbooks, to your bulletin board or add them to your very own vision board? Another sign that fashion is in your blood.

Your shelf is full of books on fashion and style

When you look at your bookshelf do you see books written by Tim Gunn, Rachel Zoe and ad Christian Dior instead of Stephen King and Michael Crichton?   Have you read The Little Dictionary of Fashion more than once? The signs are becoming clearer!

You actively work to make sure your personal styling skills come through in your professional wardrobe, even if you wear a uniform

Whether it be a certain way you wear your hair or how you accessorize, you are aware of personal style and how to represent it in your professional day-to-day appearance. You may have already defined your signature colors or maybe you wear a signature accessory that everyone associates with you.   Either way you know how to set your personal style apart from the masses.

You have signed up for direct sales companies hoping it would scratch your fashion and style itch

Whether it was Cabi or Stella & Dot, you signed up hoping to get that itch scratched but now you want to take it one step further. Maybe that wasn’t the right fit and you are back on the hunt for a style and fashion career that will help you expand into a more personalized style coaching or consulting.

You’ve considered going back to school for a specific fashion degree, but the idea of investing another 2+ years of your life (and money) seems daunting

Most of us see going back to school as scary and we don’t want to waste money or time we don’t have if the results are not what we wanted.   You may have looked into it many times, but always walk away feeling less than certain about yourself or making a decision.

You know you have the skills and determination, but the path to working in fashion and style does not seem clear to you

You possess the confidence that you can do it. You have had a knack for style as far back as your childhood. (Remember how fierce your Barbie’s looked?) While working for a company in fashion may not be realistic at this moment without specific education or a move to a new location, you wonder if there is a way to start your own business in fashion or style?

There is another path….image consulting.

What is image consulting?

Image Consulting is the ability to help people cultivate a professional or updated appearance. They often work with businesses and/or individual clients to make changes to their looks, communication skills and behavior to accelerate their career, personal and professional goals. Imagine the personal pride you would feel knowing you helped someone to feel more confident, gave them more style and better skills to get the promotion, gain more clientele or run for public office.

All it takes is a desire to work in fashion and/or style and to help people on a personal and professional level, a certification and of course, a good mentor. If the eight signs above sounded like a page from your personal diary, then you have already made the first step in a very exciting direction.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Let the certification courses offered at The Studio for Image Professionals lead you to the career you were born to be a part of and the passion that brings you to life. Take a look at what we can offer