Staying at the top of your game in any industry or profession is always about continued education and learning. One can never know everything and the more you learn, the more you know, the more value you can give to your clients and add to your services.

We think reading is one way you can continue to learn from experts in the field of everything from Image, Style, First Impressions, Fashion and more. Here are the six newest books we have on our bookshelf right now and what you can learn from them.

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By Ann DeMarais, Valerie White

Why we like it: This book is a secret gem. Most consultants don’t know it exists but it is an incredible guide to navigating first impressions. In it, you’ll find survey for determining various characteristics of someone’s first impression and what it means, from both a psychological and scientific perspective. This guide is a great resource for helping you understand how to improve specific characteristics that may come across as unflattering.

By Michell Tillis Lederman

Why we like it: Image is so much more than wearing great clothes. It’s about being aware of how you interact with the world and how that world interacts with you. In this book you’ll learn to uncover authenticity; in yourself, in your clients, in others, and in your relationships. You’ll find out how to reveal your unique personality and unleash your ability to easily create genuine relationships with others.

By Michael Port

Why we like it: While this is about booking clients, you’ll not only find it helpful for yourself but for working with your clients on their personal brand. In it, you’ll find a ton of insight into what makes a person appealing, attractive and magnetic. It provides a detailed strategy for converting your ideal audience into customers.

By Carla Mason Mathis, Hellen Villa Connor

Why we like it: This is a classic technical and theory “textbook” for image consultants. In fact, we require this as reading for our personal image consulting certification. It is highly artistic in nature as it teaches you about line, proportion, color and style in a very technical way. It gives you the insight as to why certain elements about scale or pattern work for certain body types, for example. It’s not a book you read cover-to-cover but one you’ll pick up and reference often.

By Sylvie di Giusto

Why we like it: You wouldn’t think we’d leave our very own co-owners book off the list, do you? Of course, we’re biased, but this is the most modern guide to image consulting on the market, specifically when it comes to leadership. In it, you’ll find insight about the ABC and D of image consulting and how leaders can best package themselves for their professional and personal goals.

By Mark Bowden, Tracey Thomson

Why we like it: This book has some great insights that can help not only you with your own clients as an image consultant, but also assist you in helping your clients better understand what people are trying to tell them with their body language, posture, eye contact, fiddling, hand gestures and more. Help your clients better understand what they themselves might be telling others with these gestures and how they can better communicate, but also how to know what someone else might be saying or thinking.