Psychology of Color

Staying on top of the latest trends, topics, and people in your line of business is incredibly important no matter what you do.

As an Image or Style Consultant, we are many things. We are fashionistas, we are entrepreneurs and we are speakers just to name a few.

One of the main ways to stay in the game is to continue learning as you go. Learning from others who are tops in their fields is a great place to start and that is why we love podcasts.

Listen in the car, while you workout, at night while you are heading off to bed or almost anywhere which makes it not only convenient but actionable and you will quickly realize how much you can get from these wonderful podcasters.

Here are our top 11 picks of the best of the best podcasts we love.


  1. Oh Boy (Man Repeller)

If you are looking for a fun, no holds barred podcast that blends fashion, a little bit of crazy, honestly and true inspiration then this is one to listen to. Leandra Medine is awesome!

  1. The Business of Fashion (BoE)

This podcast goes “inside” some of the latest fashion icons, documentaries, marketing and just about anything and everything that is fashion related.

  1. Stuff You Should Know

While this podcast is not a fashion-only show, it blends enough fashion in with other amazing topics to make it well worth your while to check out. I guarantee you will learn something new in every episode.

  1. FashionHags

What happens when girls get together to discuss fashion, feminism, trends and more. A lot of fun, a few curse words and some pretty great topics too!


  1. Steal the Show with Michael Port

Michael believes every interaction is a performance whether you are speaking in a meeting, pitching to a new client or heading into a job interview. This podcast and his guests show you all the ways you can steal the show every time you speak.

  1. Voices of Experience (An NSA podcast)

Who else would you want to get stellar speaking tips from but the pros over at the National Speaker Association? Get information about every facet of the speaking profession.

  1. Speaker Lab with Grant Baldwin

This podcast provides great speaker training plus some wonderful interviews and insights from professional speakers who know their stuff.


  1. She Did It Her Way 

Listen to amazing women who started businesses, made them successful and want to share how they did it with you.

  1. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

This podcast is all about getting inspired and it is not hard to do when listening to some of the greatest business minds, entrepreneurs, athletes and more.

  1. Entrepreneurs on Fire

Business advice and skills that pay is what you will get from this great podcast that covers everything from marketing, SEO, sales funnels and so much more!

  1. Goal Digger Podcast with Jenna Kutcher

This is a workshop-style business podcast for those looking to achieve more and dream big. If you are ready to set some goals and mash them, she is your girl.