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Is there really a difference between a Wardrobe Consultant, Personal Stylist and Image Consultant?

Image consulting can be quite ambiguous.  Those within the field often operate under several different titles or they may even use specific services they offer as their title. This is the case when you see terms like Wardrobe Consultant, Personal Stylist and Image Consultant. What is the difference? We like to view image consulting as an umbrella term to encompass appearance, behavior, communication, digital presence, and personal branding. We call these the ABCD’s of our image. Personal styling and wardrobe consulting can fall under the umbrella, but true image consulting takes a strategic angle to [...]

Why you should add an Image Consulting Certification to your Life Coaching Business

Almost all image consultants will tell you that they often find themselves wearing a life coach hat when working with clients. How can image and the external impression we leave not play a role on our internal wellbeing and vice versa? Our wardrobe, grooming, communication style and body language are deeply tied to often subconscious emotions and feelings about ourselves, our self-worth and our confidence levels. How image consultants help While image consultants can help clients on the outside - which is just as important as the inside because it’s a way to reflect those [...]

Why Image Consultants and Human Resources Professionals go hand in hand

Image consulting is a natural fit for human resources professionals. Several of our students come from a corporate human resources background. They add image consulting as a way to go into business for themselves or to make them more appealing to promotions within their current corporations.  Much of what Human Resources Professionals already do is gauge every image that comes into their office looking for work. They use their eye for fashion, style, communication and behavior to make decisions about who would make the best fit for the position they are hiring for and the company they work [...]

8 Sign’s You’re Ready For A Job In Fashion This Year

You’re the go-to fashion and style guru for all your friends Do you often find that your friends come to you for fashion advice whenever they have a big event coming up? Do your friends and family want you to come on shopping trips with them to help them make smart wardrobe choices? Do they ask you to help them make outfits or look for your suggestions on how to layer or what colors look best? If you can answer yes to even one of these questions or to all three, you may have just found [...]