Check out a new tool on the market for image consultants! This will allow you to work virtually with clients and build them custom closets online.


If you want to try the demonstrated tool, please sign up at Hue & Stripe.  The monthly rate is $70/month, while Studio Members

  • will only have to pay a reduced rate of $60/month 
  • and receive $25 off their first quarter

So instead of their first season (3 months) on H&S being $210, it’s only $155.  Then it’s only $180/season after that instead of $210. You can either sign up via this link and use the coupon code SIP2016, or simply reach out to Hue & Stripe via e-mail. Make sure to mention you are a student/graduate of Sylvie and Shauna (Craig will be happy to help you: craig@HueAndStripe.com)

Please, do not forward this coupon code to others. Hue & Stripe offers this discount exclusively to students and members of our Studio community.


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