PIC 6.4 | Wrapping Up (Preview)

Prepare for your Final exam.

Dear Students,

I am so proud of each and every one of you. We have a few goodies for you now that you’ve completed your studies, passed your exam, and have started your company. See below for details on what to do next (AKA your graduation package).

Now go off — celebrate!



What happens now?

We’ve prepared a handy graduation package to help you moving forward. See below for answers to a lot of your questions and ways to implement your new found knowledge as a certified image consultant.

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Common Questions From Graduates:

“When do I get my certificate?”

You will receive your certificate in the mail upon completion of your final exam and payment in full of the program. Please allow 4 weeks for printing and shipping of certificates.


“What do I do with my new credentials?”

From this point forward, you can state on your website, marketing materials, bio, etc. that you are a “Certified Image Consultant through the Studio for Image Professionals” OR a “Studio for Image Professionals Certified Image Consultant”.  We’d love it if you additionally linked the Studio for Image Professionals to www.studioforimageprofessionals.com where you use our company name.


“How do I get a Best in Industry Award?”

Did you know that we have a series of awards our graduates can acquire based on their certification and other standards?

Receiving a Best in Industry Award allows you to distinguish your image consulting company from competitors, and ensures that potential customers are aware of your “commitment to excellence”. This award will help you gain recognition for your company, having a significant impact on your business. Click here to learn more about the Best in Industry Awards.


“Is there anything I can put on my website that reflects my credentials?”

Yes – we’ve created a certification badge that you can place anywhere on your website. You can easily grab the badge code below and place it into your sidebar text widget of your wordpress site or pass along to your developer to place on your site. This will additionally link people back to the Certification School so they can get more info on your training.

<div align=”center”><a href=”http://www.studioforimageprofessionals.com ” title=”Studio for Image Professionals Certification School”><img src=”http://studioforimageprofessionals.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Badge-e1394637865760.png” alt=”Studio for Image Professionals Certification School” style=”border:none;” /></a></div>


“I feel as though I need some more one-on-one coaching.”

Great! You know that Sylvie and I are here for you. Should you want more one-on-one private coaching, we offer a special package of four skype calls for $1000. We do not offer one-on-one coaching to the public – only our SIP graduates. Each of these calls are recorded and sent to you so you have them permanently to reflect back on. If you are interested in buying a coaching package, email me and we’ll work out a schedule.


“Where can I find some basic accountability coaching to help me continue moving forward?”

Besides our alumni program and my private coaching package, don’t forget to fully utilize your membership in the private FB group! That is your place to bounce ideas off one another, get feedback, and perhaps find an accountability partner you can connect with to check-in on one another and encourage each other to complete your goals.


“Anything else I need to know?”

Just that you’re awesome. You’re talented. You offer a tremendous amount of value to your clients.  You deserve success and the happiness that comes with it. I am so incredibly proud of you all for taking the risk to do what you love. I know you won’t look back with any regret.

As long as you remain on our email list, you will continue to get updates from us and future training event notices.

Stay awesome. Stay determined. Stay humble.

Much love,

Shauna & Sylvie

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