PIC 3.1 | Work Week and Live Call (Preview)

This week is all about catching up on the previous two modules. You also need to schedule and partake in your live call with Shauna Mackenzie.

Time for Success card with colorful background

Can you believe we’re already at week three? You’ve learned two full modules of content. You’ve started building your company. And now you’ve got time to play catchup and take your coaching call. We said it was simple to start your image consulting business but we never said it would be easy. We know you’ve put in a tremendous amount of time and effort the past three weeks which is why …

I want you to take a moment to celebrate your success. 

Right now! Yeah, you! 

Because we both know how much it takes to be successful.
Shauna (and also Sylvie) …
the two believers in you!

I’m so proud of you for making it this far!

This week is all about playing catch up, working on your homework, and participating in your coaching call.


You matter to me, to Sylvie and to the Studio. And your business matters to us as well. We both put tons of work, passion and energy into the learning content that we offer within the Studio. However, we also know it’s not enough. Why? Because, each student is different! Each of you has different requirements, backgrounds, goals and dreams. There is not one-size-fits-all formula we can give you. If there would be one, we would certainly share it with you. That’s why we have decided to add 1:1 coaching sessions to this course. Your chance to spend an hour with your instructor in order to work on your burning questions and individual challenges.


SessionIf you haven’t done yet, please schedule your one-on-one coaching call with Shauna. The call will be 60 minutes long and take place via Skype (or, if you prefer Google Hangout, or phone call). This is your time to get your personal questions answered related to your specific and unique business goals. Add Shauna to your Skype contacts prior to your session. Shauna’s user name on Skype: ShaunaMackenzie


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